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Ela remembers the day Academia attacked clearly, when she saw an unusual light streak across the sky, followed by a loud explosion and people screaming, she can still hear all those screams of panic now and they keep her awake at night. When more shots were heard and seen along with the appearance of some strangely dressed people, Ela was rushed into the family own Patisserie basement with Flapjack and told to wait until her parents returned as they went to find out what was going on. With her parents gone before she could object or ask questions, Ela hid away and waited quietly and impatiently, the disturbing noises outside becoming more constant. With no idea how much time had passed by the time things had quietened down slightly, Ela was still sure of one thing, surely her parents should have been back by now?
Nervously venturing outside, she carefully lifted the hatch and looked around, a loud gasp that welcomed the sight automatic as were the tears in her eyes as she took in all t
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Speaking of Trip... o.O how do my OC's always get associated with things from a single pic... I dunno how to handle this yo-yo-ing @.@
Crikey people, you do make me feel sorry for Trip... What did he ever do?
Ira, Fia, Ela, Ula.... :dizzy: revamp I can't remember which is which, I appreciate the compliment but every time they come up in conversation...result is always the same,
System Failure Emote  
which one is that again?

>.< their my own OC's to...
Egads people, does this look like a in confidential confession stand o.O?

Why do you keep thinking it is stupid to admit Zexal is your fave YGO series! If the icon isn't a give away or the countless journal entries over the last few months, Zexal is my fave YGO series! (still say the "x" is silent)

Preach that awesomeness people! Don't be afraid to admit to it!                         
But Batman, you were meant to have something for every situation in that utility belt! 
R.I.P Adam West, you're still the best Batman to me!
While I'm in the middle of working through an Art Trade, I figured I'd take a quick break and try this as it popped up in the random vids that were playing in the background (I should consider playlists one of these days) and figured why not, looks fun.

There will no legendaries or pesudo legendaries on the team because that's daft and highly unlikely to be possible.

Catch, I'm not a competitive player, have no team as such, so if anything, this would be the team of significant Pokemon from my years playing the game. Now while I think this ran before S/M, I'll still include them because ya know, they are out now and one mon in particular I just can't cut out, explanation below.

1. What trainer class would you be?
Roller Skater
From X/Y because once I got those skates, I never took them off, the bike was old news! The idea of skates that function perfectly on any terrain is great, plus game wise, their main types are Electric and Flying, which makes up 2 of my top 3 types. (now why didn't the skates make a come back in S/M)?
2. How many Pokemon would you have?
Why would you go for anything less o.O?
3. Why did you choose the number of Pokemon you chose?

Why not? Who wouldn't want a full Pokemon team if you had the chance? I doubt anyone would take just one and be satisfied if given the option? Plus there's bound to be more adventures and experiences to be have with a full team which brings more flexibility/adaptability to a journey.
4. What Pokemon are on your team?
1. #157 Typhlosion Typhlosion - Blaze
    Flame Thrower, Crush Claw, Eruption, Hidden Power (grass)

I actually played gen II before gen I, my first proper game being Crystal and like many, I went with fire! Although in this case, just look at Cyndaquil and say no, it's so adorable. So as far as starters go, it is an important line to me, plus one of the only lines that goes from cute-cool-fierce and does it well.
2. #020 Raticate Raticate - Awesome
    Crunch, Hyper Fang, Dig, Quick Attack

Again due to a Crystal run, many moons ago. I caught a Rattata early on, evolved it into Raticate and the mon just dominated everything sight, so much so that I actually forced it to take a back seat after Ecrutek city gym due to solo-ing the game thus far. I have loved it since, although with the introduction with abilities and such it isn't as good as it was before. Dig on a Raticate was a force to be reckoned with!

3. #417 Pachirisu  Pachirisu - Klepto
    Thunderbolt, Discharge, Sweet Kiss, Hyper Fang

I don't like gen IV, I've tried about 5 times and I just can't get through the story, last attempt was the best, actually getting to Giratina, however, Pachirisu makes the first half all the better, especially with the pick up ability as from my experience, it grabs everything in sight and it's amusing, especially after a battle and the item is completely random, plus it is based off a squirrel and I love squirrels!  
4. Sigilyph Sigilyph - Oddity
    Psychic, Air Slash, Roost ,Dazzling Gleam

Psychic/Flying may just be my fave type combo, I'm not entirely sure why but this was the first time I tried battling and it was with a buddy who came over to a con and the moment sticks out to me as it was his Venasaur and the drop of his face when Sigilpyh came onto the field XD the poor mon did nothing to deserve such a cold reception.
5.#714 Noibat Noibat - Boombox
    Hurricane, Air slash, Bite, Steel Wing

Another from Gen VI, madness, but I have never spent so much time looking for a mon than I did Noibat. I saw it the anime and, simply went, I need that, another cool design, I love that it's a bat/dragon in appearance, plus it is the only mon I've ever considered/done a gijinka of.
6.#743 Ribombee  Ribombee - Yuri
    Pollen Puff, Dazzling Gleam, Draining Kiss, Struggle Bug

The gen VII entry which couldn't be ignored, the mvp from my S/M play through, who knew it would turn out be so threatening. It went undefeated through my run until the end where it was pancaked by a Snorlax Bunny Emoji-73 (Tears) [V4] . 

Not part of it but my honoury 3 team member mentions;
#286 Breloom Breloom - Kung Lao -My first proper surprise of an evolution mon, looking at Shroomish, you go eh but Breloom was a key player in my first Hoenn run, grass/fighting is really all ya needed, its spore ability is super useful to  Cool Glasses .
Hawlucha Hawlucha - Kalisto - I have not loved a Pokemon so much since Raticate, it's design is awesome, its typing is unique and is one of the few non legendary mons to actually get its own theme, has one of the coolest shinies, plus it was my fist mon I ever got to lvl 100 :lovesquee:.
#625 Bisharp  Bisharp - Dumon - I don't have a competitive team or actively battle but this was the first mon, I specifically tried to train up with the introduction of the fairy type and a team in mind for a friendly con competition, its typing is super useful.  I still don't get the whole iv/ev/ nature stuff :confused:   



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